Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas ~ Helping Families Cope with Childhood Cancer
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About Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas

Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas was started by a mom whose own child had battled Leukemia bravely for 3 years. Having experienced a child with cancer first-hand, Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas was formed to meet the needs of these Brave children and their families. Although the child has cancer the whole family is affected by a cancer diagnosis. One, if not both parents, lose their income due to countless hospital stays and what seems to be never-ending doctors’ appointments. The family is torn apart while the sibling or siblings and at least one parent is constantly with the child with cancer. Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas helps with Medical Bills, and anything from Electric, Water, Mortgage/Rent payments, Insurance, Gas, Food and so many other needs.

Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas also helps the children with their morale and also helps the parents, as typically there is not a lot of support for the entire family. It is our mission at Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas to help the whole family battle cancer and heal afterward.

There are no paid board members and all of our volunteers strictly work because of their love of these children. By volunteering or giving to cancer Heroes of the Carolinas you are making a difference not only and the child that has cancers life but in the entire families as well.

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How Can you Help


Financial assistance is important of part of Cancer Heroes of the Carolinas. Your gift will allow us to provide toys, books, and other essential, non-clinical items to make their hospital stay feel a little more like home. It permits us to provide everyday needs of the family; mortgage, food, bills and many other needs.


We have a variety of volunteer needs which occur throughout the year, and we would appreciate your willingness to support our cause. It takes only a small amount of time to make a big difference in a child's life. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you have helped ease what can be a trying time for patients and their families.

Attend an Event

We are an organization that raises money through events to benefit and help those precious children and their families that have been impacted by cancer. Support these activities either by attending the event as a participant or as a volunteer in a variety of ways in the coordination of the event.


By becoming a sponsor, you help to defray some of the administrative costs of the event and allow more proceeds of the event to be distributed to the children and families that need our support the most. Our goal is to distribute over 95% of proceeds directly to servicing our families.


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